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About us







The company F&M Armaturen-Vertriebs GmbH has been established with residence in Oberboihingen in the year 1989. At the beginning of 1997 there was a residence change and the move into new and own rooms at Kirchheim/Teck.






On this company site we are now situated in an office building with 150 m² and a warehouse with 420 m². The warehouse is equipped with palette shelves and has a capacity of 408 spaces for paletts.

  picture, building  F&M Armaturen





Object of the company is the import, export and distribution of valves according to DIN and ANSI standards.We distribute products from manufacturers out of Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia just to mention some of them.






Caused by the membership to company Fromme Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG our procurement priorities have been shifted more and more to Asia.
Over there the valves are manufactured according to own constructions and drawings. Out of this product line we deliver at the moment valves out of cast steel and stainless steel.

  picture,office building Fromme Armaturen




On the following pages you find a detailed summary with all technical informations and prices. We will inform you about the respective discounts when inquired.